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DRPENMBENZ Electric Massage Apparatus for Household Use

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Advanced Skin Care System -Reverse Aging with ATP & High Frequency Technology!

As We Age, Our Skin Starts Showing Signs of Decreased Cell Activity, Leading To Sagith Ging Skin, HAIR LOSS, and Age Spots. The Skin Wand, Powered by Adeonsine Tri-PHOSPHATE (ATP), The Uni versatile Energy of Cells, Supercharges atp Syntheses to single down and ultimately reverse the aging processes. Experience firster, younger-loOKing Skin with This Complete Skin Care Solution.

*** ANTI-AGING NEON Appl iCators -Targeted Skin Boosting Benefits***

The Skin Wand comes with four Neon-powered applicators designed to deliver targeted benefits for all skin types. High Frequency sessions energize and oxygenate the skin, increasing cellular activity like a workout for your skin. Regular use can visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles over time, leaving you with a smoother, more youthful complexion.

***Tame Inflammation for a Smoother, Blemish-Free Glow***

Fight the underlying causes of bumpy, blemish-prone skin with High Frequency application. Sub-dermal inflammation can cause skin irregular ities, but the Skin Wand tames inflammation, leading to a smoother, blemish-free complexion that glows after just one session.

***Boost Absorption of Your Beauty Serums and Creams***

Don't let expensive beauty serums and creams go to waste! The Skin Wand improves your skin's receptiveness to absorption, ensuring maximum effects. Apply your preferred serums or creams during or after sessions to boost their effectiveness by up to 5x, reaching deeper layers of your skin.

***What's Included - High Frequency Handle & Neon-Powered Applicators***

The Skin Wand package includes the High Frequency Handle and four Neon-powered applicators: mushroom wand, bent wand, comb wand, and tongue wand. Also, find quick -start treatment guides, instruction manual, and support contact for your convenience. Enhance your skin care routine with the power of ATP and High Frequency technology. Get the complete skin care system and start your journey to a more youthful, radiant 
complexion today!

*Date First Available: December 1, 2022*"


  • Natural High Frequency:  High frequency technology is a safe and 100% natural way. This over time to give you effective results.
  • 4 Different Glass Tubes for You:   This high frequency machine has 4 glass tubes for multiple uses in different parts. 1× Mushroom tube. 1× Tongue tube. 1× Bent tube. 1×Tube.

Each glass tube serves a unique purpose, providing targeted treatments to various parts of your body.

  •  ***Easy-to-Use with Adjustable Intensity***

 Simplicity is the key to our design. Using our high frequency machine is a breeze. Just rotate the button to adjust the intensity to your comfort level. Before using it on your skin, perform a quick and easy intensity test on your hand for peace of mind.

  •  ***Portable and Travel-Friendly*** 
You deserve the freedom to take your skin care routine with you anywhere you go. Our high frequency machine is designed to be portable and easy to carry. It includes an insulated handle and glass electrode tubes for secure storage and travel convenience.

    Unlock the natural potential of your skin with our High Frequency machine. Embrace safe and effective skin care, and see the results for yourself!

     Note: For optimal results and safety, follow the included usage instructions carefully.