Popular CNC Router Projects

Popular CNC Router Projects

CNC router projects are becoming more and more popular in the machinery industry and as a personal hobby. Compared to traditional hand carving, the CNC router projects has the advantage of high production efficiency, high processing accuracy, high productivity and labor saving.

Do you know what is a CNC router project? Any ideas for a good CNC project plan or CNC router? Have you ever seen an amazing or profitable CNC router project? This article features 13 popular CNC router projects and I hope they will inspire you.

What is a CNC router project?

As the name suggests, a CNC router project refers to a project or product that has been machined and manufactured by a CNC router. CNC routers include categories such as wood CNC routers, stone CNC routers, hobby CNC routers, laser cutting machines, etc.

Different types of CNC machines can be used by companies and individuals to develop different CNC router projects. For example, a large CNC wood cutting machine can start wood CNC projects such as wooden furniture, building panels, signboards, etc. A small CNC router cuts and carves all kinds of 2D / 3D signs, patterns, logos, etc. Laser cutters can also engrave and cut a variety of materials. Products manufactured in profitable CNC projects are widely used in all industries.

Classification of CNC router projects

As mentioned above, you can make a CNC router project by various CNC routers. You can also categorize CNC router projects according to the processing materials used in each project.

Wood CNC router projects

The main materials used in the design of the CNC router are wood such as walnut, maple, cedar, etc. The wood prodycts of CNC milling mainly include doors, tables, chairs, home decorations, etc.

Fiberboard CNC router projects

Fiberboard is a structural wood product made from wood fiber. It can include particle board, low density fiberboard (LDF), medium density fiberboard (MDF), and high density fiberboard (HDF). The surface of the fiberboard is smooth and clean, the material is excellent, the performance is stable, the edges and corners are strong, and the decoration is good. As a result, fiberboard is widely used in furniture, flooring, upholstery, packaging and many other products.

Metal CNC router projects

The metal CNC router project is a design that processes metal materials such as gold, iron, copper and aluminum. Metal products are widely used in many fields due to their crisp and ductile properties. CNC Metals project products are metal parts, shapes, buttons, crafts, jewelry, toys, structures, structures and more.

Paper CNC router projects

Paper, especially cardboard, is one of the most commonly used materials in our daily lide. Paper packaging and paper art are common products of paper CNC router projects.

Acrylic CNC router projects

Acrylic, also known as polymethyl methacrylate or organic glass, is one of the most ideal engraving materials. The acrylic material has excellent machinability, regardless of processing methods, such as cutting, milling, engraving, caring, and drilling. Popular acrylic CNC projects include experimental appliances, molds, advertising ornaments and signs, artistic lamps, crafts, souvenirs, etc.

Glass CNC router projects

Glass is one of the most commonly seen materials in our daily life. Nowadays, more and more glass manufacturing companies are using CNC machines to develop glass CNC router project. CNC machining can achieve high precision and high productivity, bringing greater benefits to projects. The Glass CNC router project primarily involve cutting, punching, engraving and lettering on glass materials. And the glass products made by such project may include glass tableware, trophies, artworks, ornaments and architectural pieces.

CNC router projects of other materials

There are other projects in addition to the CNC router project above, such as ceramics, gypsum, resin, etc. Selecting the right CNC machine for your project will make your work easier but more successful. 

Popular CNC router projects in different industries

Below I will show some samples of popular CNC router projects in 13 different industries. I hope these samples can help you come up with your own CNC router ideas.

1. Wooden furniture

The above pictures are the real CNC wood projects coming from our real customers. Even though they engage in different business, they all choose our CNC routers to develop their profitable CNC router projects. Wooden furniture accounts for a large proportion in wood CNC projects. The CNC wood router used for wooden furniture can realize the digitization of the machining process, such as setting out, punching, slotting, edge banding and other process. It significantly increases the rate of finished products and the production efficiency while improving the level of repeatability and standardization of the products.

2. Crafts, gifts and artworks

The crafts in above pictures are the CNC craft products made by our true customers. Some of them are simply craft hobbyists loving doing awesome things with their hands. And some are workshops engaging in producing creative gifts, artworks, crafts, souvenirs and other profitable CNC projects. Recently, CNC router project is gaining increasing popularity in conference, games and travel events. An an increasing number of medals, certificates, souvenirs and advertising materials are made in CNC router project. So the craft and gift products are one of the profitable CNC projects that small factories or workshops that can’t miss.

3. Advertising signs

The pictures showed above is the advertising signs produced by our customers with our CNC routers. They use our CNC routers to make different types of signs for multiple occasions. For example, company name plates, advertising signs, direction boards for showing direction or displaying certain information. The materials used in these signs include but not limited to wood, metal, arcylic, resin, glass and so on. The advertising signs made in the CNC router project by routers are neat and beautiful, which can not only provide clear information, but also improve the company image.

4. Molds

Another popular CNC router project is mould. Mould is a tool used in the production of industrial products, and mainly applied in manufacturing industry. Mould belongs to a mechanical product with high precision, so even a little error in dimension may cause the parts produced by the mould to be unusable. However, the moulds produced by CNC routers have high precision, which is conducive for the subsequent mass production.

5. Paper cards and artworks

These are the paper invitation card and artwork from our customers of CNC routers. It is also one of the profitable CNC router projects popular in customers. After the processing of CNC Router, the paper products have high precision, delicate effect and strong 3D impression. Some also show novel engraving styles. If you have outstanding paper CNC router ideas or CNC project plans, you can make a design drawing with the help of design software. Then you can select paper of appropriate thickness and size, and now you can make unique paper cards with CNC routers. The paper cards and artworks perfectly embody the characteristics of CNC routers, i.e. high precision and efficiency. The CNC routers can also make 3D or more creative paper decoration products for your profitable CNC projects.

6. Toys and models

Another commonly seen CNC router projects are toys and models. For example, building models, mechanical models, automobile models and vessel models. Models are deemed as the oldest design tool, while the modern CNC router project has given models more novel meaning and wider applications. The toys made by CNC routers have high precision and many styles, and are popular in kids. Some hobbyists start their profitable CNC projects from making homemade toys with a CNC router to sell in their neighbourhood or online.

7. Musical instruments

There are many musical instruments, especially wooden ones, that can be made with CNC routers. For example, stringed instruments such as guitar, violin, ukulele, guzheng, erhu, etc., as well as percussion instruments such as clapper, drum, and flute. CNC milling machines are the best machines for making stringed instruments because CNC milling machines can achieve high precision. Even inlays, curves and joints on simple instruments can be done precisely with CNC routers.

8. Jewelry

As a fashion product, the design and manufacture of jewelry is always at the forefront of fashion. The design is constantly updated, so the manufacturing has to keep up. The CNC router project of jewelry is becoming more common. More and more jewelry manufacturers choose to use CNC machines to process the gold, silver, gemstone and diamond. By doing this, it can maintain high precision while ensuring high output. If you have a DIY CNC router, you may also start your own profitable CNC projects by adding a laser for really intricate work to create your unique jewelry. 

These are just the tip of the iceberg of CNC milling machine projects that are popular with customers. There are still huge amazing CNC router ideas, CNC project plans or CNC router projects in various industries. As long as you have a good CNC router idea, you can start a CNC router project. A good CNC router project can be very profitable.

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